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  • The New Buyer's Journey

    Revisit Your Messaging Strategy for the New Buyer’s Journey

    It’s not your imagination. The B2B buyer’s journey has changed — and the changes aren’t making your job as a content marketer any easier. In truth, the buyer’s journey is becoming more complex with more people involved at every stage. According to SiriusDecisions research, half of B2B buying decisions today involve a group of people. […]

  • 3 Keys To Cost-Effective Content Engagement

      Tonya Vinas, Director of Content Strategy     Most content marketers would answer “TRUE” to these two statements: I want content that results in high engagement. I wish I had a bigger budget for my content plan. Budget limits are a reality for everyone, but small budgets can be particularly frustrating when one of […]

  • Fresh Ideas for Resetting Your Sales Enablement Strategy

      Tonya Vinas, Director of Content Strategy     I have never met a marketing professional who is satisfied with their sales enablement strategy. Results could always be better, and sales and marketing are never entirely aligned. What makes for a good sales enablement strategy? A good gut-check for comprehensiveness is the SiriusDecisions Sales Enablement […]

  • B2B Marketers Discuss the Impact of SiriusDecisions’ New Go-To-Market Execution Model

    At its annual Summit last month, SiriusDecision unveiled several new frameworks and models. One that garnered a significant amount of attention from the B2B community was the Go-to-Market Execution Model, which was designed to help organizations shift from a product-centric to an audience-centric mindset.  Customer-centricity has been a hot topic for while now, but the lack […]

  • How Do Customers Buy? It Depends.

    Probably the biggest struggle content marketers face is getting insights to flesh out and validate their buyer personas. Helping to gain that insight was the subject of the SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit session “Making Personas Personal: SiriusDecisions Buyer Insights 2017.” In this extremely well-attended session, SiriusDecisions’ Cristina De Martini, research director of marketing operations strategies, and […]

  • 5 Ways to Make Content Marketing a Truly Collaborative Process

    Sometimes content marketers believe that bringing a plan to the rest of marketing and then asking for input is collaboration. But, as Jessica Lavery, Sr. Manager of Content & Corporate Communications at Veracode found, her company’s campaign teams were communicating but not truly collaborating. As an application security solutions and services provider, Veracode took a […]

  • How to Take More Risks With Your Marketing

    Leading up to two of our most important conferences of the year (Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit and SiriusDecisions), the Content4Demand team had an important task: come up with a new and compelling theme that we could leverage to capture attention and generate leads.  We were still riding high on the success of our “Straight Outta […]

  • Make Content Great Again: Why We’re Embracing the Election Madness

    Love it or hate it, election season impacts us all. This election season in particular, we’ve seen a tremendous shift in how people exercise their free speech and support their candidates.  The current election cycle has influenced the Content4Demand team so much that we’ve designed an entire event theme and campaign around it. A tongue-in-cheek […]

  • Are You Down With Demand Type? It’s The First Step In Nurture Planning

    A prerequisite of effective B2B nurture planning is knowing the type of demand you are trying to generate. Content can have any number of jobs: education, buyer progression, objection handling, etc. But content can do no job unless someone pays attention, and that’s why knowing demand type is important. SiriusDecisions defines three demand types: New […]

  • Is Your Content Under the Influence(r)?

    By now, you most likely have seen the research from Nielsen, which indicates that 92% of consumers trust earned media over any other form of branded advertising. Well, the B2B world has experienced a similar shift, with more buyers turning to like-minded peers and industry thought leaders over branded content and product sheets.  That’s not […]