28 Mar 2014
March 28, 2014

4 Persona Pitfalls To Avoid

March 28, 2014 0 Comment

By Tonya Vinas Persona development is a crucial precursor to creating content that converts. No one has a perfect formula for every need—and there might never be one. But these four mistakes are common pitfalls that can undermine persona development.  1. Title Tunnel Vision We filter targeted buyers by titles early on. This is a good.. read more →

28 Feb 2014
February 28, 2014

Modular Content Strategy Results In A Richer Menu

February 28, 2014 0 Comment

By Tonya Vinas There’s been a lot of discussion about repurposing content of late. Rebecca Lieb’s analogy to using all of the parts of the leftover turkey is one of the best examples, highlighting how big pieces of content can feed campaigns with ingredients for blogs, infographics, videos, etc. While most marketers tend to think.. read more →

There’s been a lot of speculation lately that the End Is Near for content marketing as we know it. Call it what you want: a bubble, a backlash, a shock, or some term I can’t repeat here. But apparently, if you’re relying on content marketing, it’s time to start hoarding canned goods and boarding up.. read more →

15 Jan 2014
January 15, 2014

3 Rules For Writing Good Survey Questions

January 15, 2014 0 Comment

By Tonya Vinas, Senior Editor, Content4Demand Good surveys can produce great content, but surveys themselves are a type of content and so require the same attention to language and writing. Usually, a marketing team will believe something is true based on customer feedback and sales insight and want a survey to verify the knowledge and.. read more →

26 Dec 2013
December 26, 2013

The World’s Easiest Content Marketing Predictions

December 26, 2013 0 Comment

I spent a little time this week reading articles and blog posts that offered up content marketing predictions for 2014. Some of it was insightful, but a lot of this genre consists of experts spraying buzzwords in the hope that something they say will turn out to be right. Here’s a safer approach: a look.. read more →