With the increase in complexity of modern marketing practices combined with the addition of technology as a fundamental pillar of the field, marketers are enlisted with more responsibility than ever yet also are under more pressure to develop time-intensive, insightful models to guide their strategy. With this pressure in mind, it’s tempting–and often seen as.. read more →

02 Apr 2015
April 2, 2015

Mount Up! Become a B2B Social Success!

April 2, 2015 0 Comment

There will always be the speculators who will “downvote” anything out of the ordinary or just plain different — especially when it comes to business. Does your business leverage the ever-growing social networks we are so lucky to have at our fingertips? LinkedIn is currently at the throne of B2B social media networking, but that.. read more →

I came across an infographic this week that provides new insight into B2B content marketing trends. The infographic pulls together some key data recently uncovered in the 2015 Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends for North America report, which was released by MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute. In particular, these two stats strike a chord.. read more →

B2B buyers’ attention spans continue to shrink, and videos are growing in popularity as effective content pieces in nurture strategies. According to Demand Gen Report’s 2014 B2B Content Preferences Survey, sharing of video content among B2B buyers is up 15% year-on-year, which heartily amplifies the 58% of B2B buyers who said they viewed video content.. read more →

17 Mar 2015
March 17, 2015

Where’s Me Pot O’ Qualified Leads?

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5 Things We Learned From Our Clients About Personas That Will Drive Better Leads If the pot at the end of your nurture is not overflowing with qualified leads this St. Paddy’s day, it’s possible that you need to take another look at your content strategy to ensure everything you’re doing and creating is focused.. read more →