Team Members

  • The Head Honchos

  • andrew-gaffney-circle

    Andrew Gaffney

    Storyteller and publisher focused on helping brands create content that sparks conversations with their prospects.


  • dana-harder-circle

    Dana Harder
    VP of Strategy

    Passionate content strategist. Marketer extraordinaire. Results driven. Coffee addict. Shoe hoarder. Yoga devotee. Purple or pink hair, depending on week!

  • matt-Mckenzie-circle

    Matt McKenzie
    Chief Content Officer

    Veteran journalist and analyst who now puts his skills to work helping B2B companies create meaningful customer conversations.


  • Campaign Gurus

  • lisa-wallace-circle

    Lisa Wallace
    Sr. Account Manager

    Tenured in B2B media & marketing, inspired by great content & solutions. Happiest when her customers shine. Mostly ineffective dog trainer, more effective mom, super effective gardener & cook, loves to create.

  • sal-lasouro-circle

    Sal LoSauro
    VP of Sales

    Seasoned professional who has happily graduated from selling advertising to partnering with B2B marketers to help them achieve their marketing and lead-gen goals through content marketing.


  • The Brainstormers

  • tonya-vinas-circle

    Tonya Vinas
    Director of Content Strategy

    B2B storyteller for two decades with a deep interest in business and economics. Loves learning and asking questions.


  • terry-moffatt-circle

    Terry Moffatt
    Content Strategist

    B2B marketing aficionado helping brands engage customers with unique stories since the Carter administration. Always focused on results.


  • alicia-fiorletta-circle

    Alicia Fiorletta
    Content Strategist

    Business writer by day, music journalist by night. Passionate reporter, retail aficionado, content marketer and foodie.

  • brenda-caine-circle-2

    Brenda Caine
    Sr. Content Strategist

    B2B technology marketing pro who loves developing strategy, writing and wearing vintage hats with dresses made from 1930s and 40s patterns.

  • Your Best Friends

  • wendy-geister-circle

    Wendy Geister
    Senior Client Services Manager

    Editorial pro who strives to exceed clients’ expectations in every phase of their content marketing campaign journey.


  • holly-fisk-circle

    Holly Celeste Fisk
    Client Services Manager

    Proud aunt, an enthusiastic softball player and a serious fan of both “Mad Men” and Louis CK.


  • maggie-iskander-circle

    Maggie Iskander
    Director of Client Services

     Keen listener who’s quick to understand what matters to diverse business buyers. Fond of turning long paragraphs into bulleted lists.


  • The Creative Side

  • allie-agostino-circle

    Allie Agostino
    Creative Director

    Art enthusiast who enjoys merging the raw visual elements of fine art with crisp, clean digital design. Likes include white space, Helvetica and data visualizations.

  • melanie-kinney-circle

    Melanie Kinney
    Digital Experience Director

    Grew up on a beach, moved to a city. Addictions: tea, organization and the New Jersey Devils. In love with digital design and coding. Motto: Keep learning.

  • nathan-circle

    Nathan Billman
    Graphic Designer

    Whether juggling design projects or kids, this detail-oriented dad never drops the ball — as long as the coffee keeps coming.

  • evan-cannarozzi-circle

    Evan Cannarozzi
    Digital Media Designer

    Digital Designer with no limit to expanding his knowledge in the creative world. As much as you think you know, there is always more to learn.

  • mike-santos-circle

    Mike Santos
    Director Of Marketing Strategy

    Modern-day marketer who has a love for taking old-school marketing and remixing it with new-school thought.



  • devin-mcdonnell-circle

    Devin McDonnell
    Interactive Marketing Campaign Manager

    Passionate marketer with a knack for finding the creative side of everything…including analytics.


  • The Glue

  • kristen-sousa-circle

    Kristen Sousa
    HR Director

    Dynamic HR director who understands that a company’s success is founded on an exceptional culture and the quality of its team.

  • dawn-net-circle

    Dawn Netelkos

    Number, analytical and puzzle person who likes to fit all the pieces together. Enjoys her family, friends and dogs.